BT's Global Sager Weathercaster PHP Scripts For Cumulus
by "Buford T. Justice" / "BTJustice"

You may redistribute and use these PHP Scripts any way you wish as long as they remain FREE and money is not charged for their use directly or indirectly.  If these PHP Scripts are used in your work or are modified in any way, please retain the full credit header.

The variables shown here come from bt-sager-cu.php and bt-sager-wc.php.  Combined, these determine the correct Sager Weathercaster forecast.

12-24 Hour Forecast:
W33: Forecast Unavailable

Cumulus Information:
Cumulus v3.0.0 (3049)
Updated: 2019-00-18 05:nn UTC
Weather Station: Davis Vantage Pro2
Location: 39.086667, -9.258056

Current Temperature:
14.7 °C

Average wind direction from 6 hours ago (w6) compared to the current average wind direction (wd) along with the wind speed unit used (wu) to determine if the wind is Backing, Steady, Veering, or Calm:
w6 = 39° NE
wd = 317° NW
wu = km/h
The wind is Backing.

Barometric pressure (bp), barometric pressure trend (bt), and barometric unit (bu) used by your weather station:
bp = 1014.77
bt = 0.08
bu = mb

In hectopascals (hPa): converted barometric pressure (pc), barometric pressure trend (pt), barometric pressure offset if used (po), and barometric pressure used (pu) to make a forecast:
pc = 1014.77
pt = 0.08
po = 0
pu = 1014.77

METAR station (ms) used to determine Present Weather (pw) based on the Cloud Code (m1).  If the METAR indicates Precipitation (m2) or Cumulus has reported Rain in the last 30 minutes (rm), (pw) becomes Precipitation regardless of (m1):
ms = LPPT
m1 =
m2 = No Precipitation
rm = 59189
pw =